How to Apply Women In FCERM Awards 2024

How to Apply Women In FCERM Awards 2024| The zealous call on Women in Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) to submit nomination for Laura Baird Special Recognition Award 2024. Launched in 2019, the Women in FCERM awards celebrate professionals of all genders and organisations in the FCERM sector, who are making a real difference to gender equality in the workplace and across the industry.

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This year, we have 3 categories:

1. Rising Star Award: An individual who is in the earlier stages of their career in FCERM who, over the past year (January to December 2023), has proactively influenced and promoted gender equality, diversity and inclusion. This might be an individual who is at a more junior grade, where their influence may mainly be felt within their own organisation.

2. Equality Leadership Award: An experienced individual who, over the past year (January to December 2023), has proactively influenced and promoted gender equality, diversity and inclusion. This might be an individual who operates at a senior level and their influence and impact has been felt across the FCERM sector.

3. The Laura Baird Special Recognition Award in memory of Laura who passed away in 2022. This award recognises an individual who, throughout their career, has been and continues to be, an outstanding role model to all those around them.


Women in FCERM provides networking and support opportunities for women working in flood and coastal erosion risk management. This is within a broader context of striving for gender equality for everyone so the membership, and the awards, are open to all.


  • For the Rising Star Award or the Equality Leadership Award, we are looking for inspiring individuals of all genders and stages of their careers within the FCERM sector.
  •  The submission should demonstrate what the individual has done, particularly in the past year (January to December 2023), to truly champion gender equality, diversity and inclusion and inspire others.
  • Individual can ONLY be entered into one of the categories
  • It’s free to enter. You can either nominate a colleague, or nominate yourself with support from a colleague, to recognise these achievements.
  • All entrants for categories 1 and 2 will be assessed using the same criteria. The nominations will be reviewed by a diverse panel of judges from across the FCERM sector.
  • An award for each category will be presented to each winner at the Flood and Coast Conference Excellence Awards’ Dinner in early June at the Telford International Centre.

Entry process 

  •  You will need to register for the site if you have not done so already.
  • You will be asked to upload evidence in the ‘Submission Process’ step to support the nomination (more detail on the format and content of this evidence can be found below).
  • You will need to complete the application form with the nominee’s details and answer the 2 main questions (max 500 words each) outlined below.

Judges will be looking for individuals who can demonstrate the following behaviours:

1.  Leadership of gender equality, influenced change and promoted a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect (max 500 words)

  • demonstrated the highest degree of leadership, innovation and excellence in true gender equality, so everybody has the same opportunities on all aspects of work and career in a way that benefits all
  • acted as a positive role model and demonstrated a great desire to bring more gender diversity to their workplace or sector made an outstanding contribution to promoting a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect in their workplace or beyond

2.  Supporting, developing and empowering self and others (max 500 words)

  • proactively developed themselves and supported the development and empowerment of others.
  • provided guidance, time and advice in a motivational way and shined a light on the great things that women can achieve
  • acted as a positive role model and empowers others to ‘be themselves’

Nominations should include specific evidence and examples. Such as what was their contribution and what was the impact of their actions? What difference did it make? What was the end result? What was the reach they had in their organisation or sector (how many people did it benefit, who were these people?), was this above and beyond their day job? Please upload specific evidence and examples to support your nomination. This could be in a Word document, an image, or PDF. This evidence should be uploaded as part of the ‘Submission Process’ step.

All the nominations will be reviewed and scored on the following scale:

4) evidence provided shows how they distinguished themselves from their peers, consistently going above and beyond their day job role to champion gender equality, drive change and support others

3) some great examples and commitment, but needs to demonstrate better the difference that their actions made/will make, especially in the long term

2) some good examples but lacked evidence of the individual contribution they made and/or the impact/difference it made

How to Apply Women In FCERM Awards 2024

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