How to Apply UNESCO Mid-Level Professionals Recruitment 2023

How to Apply UNESCO Mid-Level Professionals Recruitment 2023 | Recruitment are now open to candidates from all UNESCO’s Member States,  talented and highly qualified mid-level professionals who wish to start and/or advance their careers as International Civil Servants at UNESCO can now submit their applications. Read through

In Mid-Level Professionals Programme (MLPP)  all UNESCO’s Member States, priority consideration, at equal competence, will be given to candidates from non- and under-represented Member States and to internal candidates.

Positions for the MLPP 2023

The positions open for the MLPP 2023 are listed below:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a national of a UNESCO Member State. Qualified candidates from non- and under-represented Member States are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • The MLPP selection process is based on the standard UNESCO recruitment process. Standard educational and work experience requirements for professional positions at P-3 and P-4 level apply.

Language requirements

  • Candidates should demonstrate an excellent knowledge of at least one working language of the Secretariat (English or French).
  • A good knowledge of the other working language is an asset, or in some cases, is required.
  • Knowledge of Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Spanish could be required or would be an additional asset.

Core Competencies and Values:

  • UNESCO Core Values: Commitment to the Organization, Integrity, Respect for Diversity, Professionalism

How to Apply UNESCO Mid-Level Professionals Recruitment 2023

Applicants are expected to check the requirements carefully to ensure that they are eligible and qualified before applying. Also note that all candidates must complete an on-line application and provide complete and accurate information. No changes can be made to the application once submitted.


  • Applications will be reviewed to determine if candidates meet the basic eligibility requirements (i.e., experience, education, language, etc.).

Assessments and Interviews

  • Evaluation of candidates is based on the criteria established in the vacancy notice and may include pre-recorded video interviews, written tests and/or other assessments, and competency-based interviews with live panels.
  • Only candidates selected for further evaluation/assessment will be contacted.

Notification of Appointment Decisions

Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application. Unsuccessful interviewed candidates will receive feedback.

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Application Period September – 31st October 2023

Assessments – November – 31st December 2023

Interview – November – 31st December 2023

Decision  – January – 28th February 2024


Please note that this timeline is indicative and may vary during the process.

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