How to Apply UK 300,000 Doctors, Nurses Recruitment 2023

How to Apply UK 300,000 Doctors, Nurses Recruitment 2023 | The United Kingdom (UK) government embark on recruiting  300,000 doctors and nurses across the world. The National Health Service (NHS) in England need more hands to address a chronic shortage of doctors and nurses.

The government says the plan could mean an extra 60,000 doctors, 170,000 more nurses and 71,000 more health professionals in the NHS by 2037.

NHS England currently has 112,000 vacancies as it struggles to fill the large number of workers leaving the service.

Over the past year, the NHS has experienced unheard-of strikes, with staff members complaining of being underpaid and overworked as they battle to clear the backlog brought on by coronavirus lockdowns.

They now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to place staffing on a sustainable footing for the years to come thanks to the publishing of our first-ever NHS long-term workforce plan.

Speaking at the 75th anniversary of the health service, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak noted that the government is investing heavily in education and training programs for the NHS.

He pointed out that the government’s long-term workforce strategy will shorten doctors’ time in medical school and educate more in-house personnel.

“In the upcoming years, we’ll train 24,000 more nurses annually and twice as many doctors, which will help shorten waiting lists and enhance patient care.

In order to make the health system fit for the future, Sunak highlighted that “we will do more to retain our outstanding NHS staff.”

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