How to Apply Connak Foundation Entrepreneurship Grant 2023 (Up to $5000)

How to Apply Connak Foundation Entrepreneurship Grant 2023| The Connak Foundation Entrepreneurship Initiative (COFEI) is a program which was originally intended to offer youths from all over Nigeria a chance to gain entrepreneurship skills and receive grants for business start up or expand the already existing ones. Read through

So far 10,000 Entrepreneurs were Impacted, and also 463 youths have been trained and awarded certificates since 2017 in the initiative, with 75 business ventures awarded with a total grant of 63 million Naira.

However, this year, they plan to expand the range of the COFEI 2023 program to include other viable youths from all over Nigeria, in celebration of their decade of existence as an organization.

The COFEI 2023 program is in partnership with professionals who have honed their crafts as business structure strategists to assist them to deliver remarkable learning experience as coaches and/or facilitators during both online and in- person classes.
This program will run for an approximate duration of five (5) months. At the end of the program, the business ideas that best address the set criteria – Community Impact, Innovation, Reach and Feasibility, are selected for an opportunity to receive funding of up to $5,000 for their businesses.

Grant: $5,000


  • 12 Weeks Online training
  • 4 weeks Booth Camp
  • 4 Locations (State) Within Nigeria
  • Eligibility for Nigerias Only

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, but it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences one can have in their career. as you embark on this journey, I encourage you to keep in mind that entrepreneurship requires a great deal of dedication, hard work, and resilience.

You will face challenges and obstacles along the way, but with persistence and a positive attitude, you can overcome them and Remember that every successful entrepreneur started somewhere. You may have to start small, but with perseverance and hard work, you can achieve great things. Never give up on your dreams, and always be willing to learn and adapt

How To Apply

Interested applicants are requested to follow the application guideline carefully before apply. Click here


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