FUDutsin-Ma Courses and Jamb Subject Combination

FUDutsin-Ma Courses and Jamb Subject Combination

FUDutsin-Ma Courses and Jamb Subject CombinationThis article concern about Federal University, Dutsin-Ma Courses as well as Jamb UTME subject combination. Students are advisable to go through this information before taking any steps for the admission process.

The University has built a legacy of excellence and has been instrumental in the production of top range graduates and academia who have had a tremendous impact, directly or indirectly, on growth and development in Nigeria.

Location: Dutsinma Rd, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria.

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FUDutsin-Ma Courses and Jamb Subject Combination

  • Accounting                                      –  English, Maths, Econs, Govt
  • Agriculture                                      –  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • Biochemistry                                   –   English, Physic, Biology, Chemistry
  • Biology                                            –  English, Physic, Biology, Chemistry
  • Business Management                    –  English, Maths, Econs, Govt
  • Chemistry                                        –  English, Maths, Physic, Chemistry
  • Computer Information & Comm. Sci. – English, Maths, Physic, Chemistry
  • Economics                                       –  English, Maths, Econs, Govt
  • Education and Biology                     – English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Education and Chemistry                 – English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics
  • Education and English Language     – English, Literature, Govt. CRK
  • Education and Mathematics            –  English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics
  • Educational Administration             –  English, Maths, Econs, Govt
  • English Language                            –  English, Literature, Govt. CRK
  • Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology – English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • Food Science                                    –  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • Forestry And WildLife                       –  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • Geography                                        –  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • History                                               –  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • Human Kinetics                                 –  English, Physic, Biology, Chemistry
  • Human Kinetics and Health Education – English, Physic, Biology, Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry                          –  English, Physic, Physic, Chemistry
  • Mathematics                                     –  English, Maths, Physic, Chemistry
  • Microbiology                                      –  English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry
  • Physics                                                –  English, Maths, Physic, Chemistry
  • Physics Electronics                              –  English, Maths, Physic, Chemistry
  • Political Science                                  –  English, literature, Govt, CKR
  • Sociology                                            –  English, literature, Govt, CKR
  • Special Education                                –  English, literature, Govt, CKR

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