CTI (Crew Training Institute) Courses/Admission Requirement

CTI Courses Admission Requirement | Crew Training Institute is one of the top aviation Training institutions with available courses that can build a successful career in various sectors of the aviation industry, If you want apply for admission in CTI, check the requirements. Read More.

Being a flight attendant is one of the most exciting career paths anyone could delve into; however, it is quite tasking and requires a defined set of skills. This is why going through top notch Cabin Crew trainings like those being offered at CTI cannot be overemphasized. Without the required delicate skills set, a prospective flight attendant will struggle to thrive in the very competitive and highly sought after career path. Registering with us today is an excellent way to start off!

Crew Training Institute is located at 24 Allen Ave, Allen 100001, Ikeja Lagos. 

Are you Fit to be a Cabin Crew? or you want to know how to Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew CV? CTI (Crew Training Institute) is the answers. . (Nigeria Defence Academy)/ Admission Requirement)

Available Courses:

  • Flight Dispatcher Training
  • Cabin Crew Certification Training
  • VIP Cabin Crew Training
  • Initial Cabin Crew Training

NOTE: Cabin Crew Certification Training will take you behind-the-scenes of a cabin crew career, teaching you everything you need to know about the job, and training you to pass the recruitment process.

The cabin Crew Job is one of the most desired jobs with lots of travels, flexibility, exciting lifestyle and decent pay. Getting selected can be really tough.

Cabin Crew Certification Training course fee is N100,000.00 other courses like Initial Cabin Crew Training, VIP Cabin Crew Training are N150,000.00 for form purchase.

Minimum entry requirements

18 years old and over

High-school diploma(SSCE/WAEC) – O’Level Certification



Physical status
Medically fit to get a Cabin Crew Medical Report

English language proficiency

Fluent in English

Swimming skills

Ability to swim

How To Apply

Interested Applicant Click Here

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