Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship For Masters’ Programs(Up To 10,000 EUR ) At MCI 2022

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship For Masters’ Programs portal are now open, Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a joint mission of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and MCI|The Entrepreneurial School, Read Through.

This scholarship under the patronage of Excellency Ban Ki-moon allows students engaged in the SDGs to
study and develop at a prestigious university in Europe.

The scholarship is applicable for the first year of the respective master’s program. The scholarship may be extended to the second year of the master‘s program upon positive evaluation and successful completion of the first year.

Applicable Program:


  • Biotechnology
  • Corporate Governance & Finance (online)
  • Entrepreneurship & Tourism
  • Environmental, Process & Energy Engineering (full-time)
  • European Health Economics & Management
  • International Business & Law
  • International Business & Management
  • International Health & Social Management
  • Management, Communication & IT
  • Mechatronics & Smart Technologies (full-time)
  • Medical Technologies

Executive Master

  • Digital Business MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Digital Economy & Leadership MSC (online)
  • Digital Marketing & Analytics MSC (online)
  • Management & Leadership MSC


  • A one-off scholarship of up to 10,000 EUR to cover (part of) the current annual tuition fee.
  • Scholarship amount will offset the corresponding amount of the tuition fees for the first academic year; it cannot be used to cover any other expenses like travel, accommodation, etc.


Submitted admission application to the respective MCI study program.
• A statement (approximately 500 words) that recounts the applicant’s current (or past) commitment to
one or several SDGs including reference to concrete evidence / documentation.
• A motivation letter describing the applicant’s future goals supportin the SDG(s) and explaining how
their studies at the MCI will help them achieve these aims. The motivation letter should also explain
how applicants would benefit from the awarded scholarship (financial aspects).
• CV
• Language proficiency
• Passport copy**


Applications will be selected based on the following criteria:
Current (or past) commitment to the SDGs
• Degree and nature of engagement / commitment
• Evidence provided
• Impact achieved

Future commitment to the SDGs

• Feasibility of the defined goals
• Match and congruence of applicant’s SDG focus and chosen MCI degree
• Potential impact of applicants´ goals


Applications will be evaluated in a two-stage process involving a pre-selection round and an interview with
shortlisted candidates.
The final decision is made based on the following weighting:
• 50% submitted documents
• 50% interview with the jury

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Application deadline: March 31, 2022

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