Portal NILEX Federal Government Job Creation (Nigerians)

Portal NILEX Federal Government Job Creation| The NILEX is the number one portal for government approved jobs occupation creation portal for the jobless Nigerians living in the nation and in abroad.

Are you Looking For a FG Career Job? The National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) project is an innovative platform which is designed to evolve a database of employable Labour in the Country so as to facilitate the job exchange functions of the Ministry.

Though the portal has existed for many years, they have not been able to expand it. However, funds are now provided under a bilateral and multilateral agreement. As a result, they are redesigning, remodeling, and upgrading the infrastructure. Link to Available Website You Can Apply For FG  Scholarship and job opportunity 

You can find the right type of candidate on the NELEX website. Our database contains both employed and unemployed individuals who are actively looking for work.

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Employers and Licenced Private Employment Agencies are allowed to mine through the abundant human capital resources available to arrive at the best mix of job seekers to fill that job vacancy.

NELEX create a competitive environment for effective job recruitment in the country and facilitate economic plans of the Federal Government by providing real time information on employment rates.

NELEX provides reliable database of employable labour, give tools for international labour migration exercise

NELEX provides platform for the Ministry of Labour and Productivity to update job seekers on job creation activities and areas of opportunities in business

NELEX provides advice on skill demand thereby creating a link between employer needs and skills supply, give employers

According to the Ministry of labour and productivity Minister, the platform had not been developed over time and could not take stress of the number of people wanting to go into it, stressing that the digital platform was supposed to be used by employers on one hand and job seekers on the other.

He said, “The employers will come in and load the vacancy they have, the type of skill they want, the qualifications of people that can fit in there.

Then the job seekers those who are looking for job, graduates, non-graduates will register, put in the qualification, put in their skill and what you can do and then the two groups are matched. The employer can speak with a job seeker, via that platform.

Portal NILEX Federal Government Job Creation:


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