Npower Knowledge Exam and Selection 2020/ Check Now

Npower Knowledge Exam and Selection 2020/ Check Now

The Npower the largest employment and empowerment programme in Nigeria. It employed a populated number of Nigerian citizen across the state. and is still embark on changing lives and training youth on skills and competence web design.

MTN is Recruiting Click Here

If you apply for Npower in any of the programmes you are lucky, because the npower selection board has come up with another programme which as follows:

(i) Npower Knowledge

(ii) Npower Build

(iii) Npower Creative

Recently, Many Candidates were recruited into Npower Build for skill acquisition training and if you are not been selected patiently wait and check to get access to your phone number and email used during registration because of invitation messages will be sent to those channels.

Npower Knowledge

The program will be largely hand-on, during which you will be trained, provided a laptop and supporting software packages (free Free) to lead an independent life either as a worker or self-employed towards service the Nation emerging knowledge economy.

At the end of the training, having successfully graduated bypassing the training test, you will be allowed to retain the assigned laptop for continuous learning and for you to work. You will also be supported with transition service to help you get a job or be self-employed.

Those of Npower Batch B are advice to select their device before the closing dates Click Here

How To Answer Npower Knowledge Question

The 20 questions are all networking and programming and to answer within 20 minutes.

Some of the questions include:

  • What does vlink attribute mean
  • What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break
  • Which tag creates a checkbox for a form in HTML
  • To create a combo box (drop-down box) which tag will you use
  • A webpage displays a picture. What tag is used t display that picture
  • Which tag inserts a line horizontally on your webpage.


Note: The Npower recruitment for 2020 is yet to be release interested candidates are to prepare to apply online when due.


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