Merchant Navy Maritime Academy Courses

MNM Courses| Merchant Navy Maritime Academy is one of the private navy institution focusing on delivery of professionally based maritime educational system in the area of Shipping management, Marine Engineering, Nautical Science. To be eligible and qualify for admission in Crown Maritime Academy . Read through.

Merchant Navy Maritime Academy is located at Iwopin, Ogun Water Side, Ijebu Ode, Ogun Nigeria. It is a Diploma awarding Institutions.

Do you want to be admitted into Merchant Navy Maritime Academy? If yes, this page is for you. below are the courses offered.

List of Maritime School In Nigeria

Available Courses

  • Shipping management
  • Marine Engineering
  • Nautical Science

SHIPPING MANAGEMENT: Shipping Management has to do with Maritime Shipping activities. Such as Introduction to the shipping Industry, Maritime Economics, International Freight Forwarding, Passenger Travel & Tourism, General & Maritime Law, Cargo Work, Procurement, Maintenance, Supply, And Equip for services, Petroleum And Gas Law, Seamanship Etc.

MARINE ENGINEERING: Marine engineering is the branch of study that deals with the design, development, production and maintenance of the equipment used at sea and on board sea vessels like boats, ships etc. Others area of studies are Thermodynamics, Welding Technology, Marine Signals, General Engineering Knowledge, Descriptie Geometry, Calculus, General & Maritime Law.

NAUTICAL SCIENCE: Nautical Science has to with offshore sailing theory and techniques, navigation and basic oceanography as relevant to seamanship such as Principles of Navigation, Meteorology, Collision Regulation, Ship Stability, Naval Architecture, Chart Work, Seamanship, Business Law/Communication.

Admission into the Merchant Navy Maritime Academy is currently in progress. All Admission forms can be completed online. Click here to proceed

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