List of Courses In International Maritime School

List of Courses In International Maritime | Welcome to International Maritime School one of the maritime service provider where Our course trainers and facilitators are hither to experts in these fields and are bringing with them their wealth of experience in and around the maritime industry, nationally and internationally. Read more

International Maritime School training environment is equipped with the relevant tools for enhanced pedagogical activities

The location of the Institution is at 15B Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

List of Courses In International Maritime School:

  • Nautical Science
  • Marine Engineering
  • Ratings

Nautical Science: The career in the Nautical Science department leads to becoming the Captain or Master of the vessel. The nautical department is responsible for the safe navigation and cargo operation of the merchant vessel

Marine Engineering: The career in the Maritime Science (Engineering) Department leads to the rank of ‘Chief Engineer’ of the vessel. The engine department is responsible for the technical department of the merchant vessel. A modern day ship is equipped with propulsion plants, power generating plants, cargo gears and many other service equipment along with their associated control systems. The engineers are responsible for safe operation of all machinery and their periodic maintenance

Rating: Ratings are vital part of the ship’s manning requirement who serves on board under the supervision of senior officers assist in ship maintenance, safe ship operation, security and pollution prevention.

List of Maritime School In Nigeria

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