Library Science Course Code

Library Science Course Code

Welcome to Library Science Requirement, how to study Library Science, Jamb subject combination of Library Science, courses involved to study Library Science in any institution. read through the full details of this page.

Library Science Course Code

Do you want to study Library Science? or if you have gotten admission in the Department of Library Science, here are what you need to know.

SSCE requirement:

Five (5) important credit subject include:

(1) English

(2) Maths

(3) Biology

(4) Agricultural Science

(5) Government

Library Science is one of the course concern about the study or understanding how to manage books and other information, particularly through collecting, preserving, and organizing books and other materials in libraries

Duration of study:  4 years

Note that, all fresh graduate from senior secondary school, by any means of processing admission either through JAMB, etc. to study Library Science at any Polytechnic, College of Education and University of your choice, the prerequisite that determines your eligibility for admission is a subject combination of Library Science Course.

JAMB – Subject Combination

Library Science.

(a) English, Biology, Chemistry, Maths

(b) English, Govt. Econs, CRK

(c) English, Literature, CRE, Econs

The above subjects are the key requirement to be registered during the jamb admission registration form.

Meanwhile, If you are a newly admitted students, the area of concentration is what we are looking at in this article.

The list of courses you need to study as a first-year or fresh students in any tertiary institution include:

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100L First Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. GST111 Communication in English I 2 Core
2. GST121 Nigerian Peoples, Culture and Anti-Cultism/Social Vices 2 Core
3. GST131 Introduction to Computer Studies 2 Core
4. LIS101 Introduction To Library And Information Science 3 Core
5. LIS121 History Of Libraries And Information Centres 2 Core
6. LIS131 Computers In Information Work 2 Core
7. LIS141 Introduction To Information Systems, Resources & Services 2 Core
8. LIS151 Libraries & Society 2 Elective
9. SOC111 Introduction to Sociology I 3 Elective
10. BSM111 Introduction to Business I 3 Elective
11. POL111 Introduction to Political Science 3 Elective


100L Second Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. GST112 Communication in English II 2 Core
2. GST122 Use Of Library, Study Skills & Information Communication Technology 2 Core
3. GST132 Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence 2 Core
4. LIS112 Libraries And Information Centres Tours/Visits 2 Core
5. LIS122 Introduction To Library And Information Science II 3 Core
6. LIS132 Application Of Information Technology In Libraries 2 Core
7. LIS142 Introduction To Information Literacy 2 Core
8. LIS152 Creative Media Studies 2 Elective
9. BSM112 Elements of Management 3 Elective
10. SOC122 Introduction to Psychology 2 Elective
11. CMP112 Introduction to Computer Programming 2 Elective


200L First Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. GST211 History and Philosophy of Science 2 Core
2. GST221 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2 Core
3. LIS211 Organisation Of Knowledge I 3 Core
4. LIS221 Marketing Of Libraries & Information Services 2 Core
5. LIS231 Sociology Of Library And Information Centre 2 Core
6. LIS241 Reference And Information Services 3 Core
7. LIS251 Introduction To Libraries Application Software 2 Core
8. LIS261 Introduction To Information Science 2 Core
9. LIS271 Information User 2 Core
10. LIS281 Library Services To The Young 2 Elective
11. BSM211 Elements of Marketing 2 Elective
12. SOC261 Sociology of Knowledge and Technology 2 Elective
13. LIS291 Media Resource Centres And Services 2 Elective
14. LIS223 Bibliography of Science & Technology 2 Elective



200L Second Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. GST212 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies 2 Core
2. GST222 Communication in French 2 Core
3. LIS212 Organization Of Knowledge II 3 Core
4. LIS222 Entrepreneurship in Library and Information Science 2 Core
5. LIS232 Bibliographic Information Systems & Services 2 Core
6. LIS242 Introduction to Computer Operating Systems 2 Core
7. LIS252 Database Management 3 Core
8. LIS262 Types of Libraries 2 Core
9. LIS272 Telecommunications 2 Elective
10. LIS282 E-Publishing and Book Trade 2 Elective
11. LIS292 Library Environment and building 3 Elective
12. BSM212 Marketing Management 2 Elective
13. EDU222 Philosophy of Education 2 Elective


300L First Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. GST311 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Skills 2 Core
2. LIS301 Research Methodology I 3 Core
3. LIS311 Quantitative Methods 2 Core
4. LIS321 Technical Services in libraries and Information Centre 2 Core
5. LIS331 Information Resource Development 2 Core
6. LIS341 Computer Security 2 Core
7. LIS351 Information Representation and Repackaging 2 Core
8. LIS361 Subject Librarian 2 Core
9. LIS371 Quantitative Measurement of Information 2 Core
10. LIS381 Learning and Communication Skills 2 Elective
11. LIS391 Knowledge Management 2 Elective
12. EDU311 Educational Technology 2 Elective
13. CMP361 Management Information System 2 Elective


300L Second Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. LIS302 SIWES 6 Core


400L First Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. LIS401 Library Automation 3 Core
2. LIS431 Archival & Record Management 2 Core
3. LIS441 Information Network 2 Core
4. LIS451 Seminar in Library and Information Science 2 Core
5. LIS461 Ethical Issues in Information Works 3 Core
6. LIS471 Serial Management 2 Core
7. LIS481 Oral Tradition and indigenous Knowledge system 2 Elective
8. LIS491 Publishing and Book Trade 2 Elective
9. LIS410 Bibliography of Literature and Social Science 2 Elective


400L Second Semester
S/n Course Code Course Title Credit Unit Category
1. LIS412 Introduction to information security and cyber terrorism 2 Core
2. LIS422 Management and Information Systems and Services 2 Core
3. LIS432 Personnel and Financial Management in Information Systems 2 Core
4. LIS442 Introduction to Information System and Design 2 Core
5. LIS452 Research Project 6 Core
6. LIS462 Rural Information Systems and Services 2 Elective
7. LIS472 Introduction to theories of Information behaviour 2 Elective
8. LIS482 Bibliography of Humanities 2 Elective


Candidates are hereby informed that the registration of course form always lasts for two (2) weeks after the resumption. The hard copy print out should be submitted to the Faculty officer for verification and authorisation.

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