How to Study Abroad By MOAF Consulting

How to Study Abroad By MOAF Consulting

How to Study Abroad By MOAF Consulting | MOAF Consulting specializes in both Education and Immigration Services. They specialize in guiding and placing students into various widely recognized accredited universities. Read Through

MOAF Consulting is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants and also authorized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to provide immigration services to Canada bound clients. We provide a thorough eligibility assessment of our client’s background and make recommendations for permanent residency into Canada.

MOAF Consulting is to provide prospective African international Students the opportunity to study abroad. Our study destinations include recognized and accredited universities in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherland, with plans for France and South Africa.

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MOAF Offer include:

  • offer a wide range of elementary, high school, college and university options to both undergraduate and graduate students and we continue to build strong affiliations with various institutions.
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the entire application process.
  • provide web-based portal as one stop-shop for students and visa application advisory
  • The dashboard is specifically built for African students seeking quality schools abroad.
  • It is a student application portal that effectively connects African students with foreign institutions.

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  • User friendly application portal with a streamlined process
  • 24/7 access to application portal with real time access to our educational consultants
  • Over 7,000 programs with more than 200 institutions
  • Instant search result and accurate mapping of students to eligible programs
  • Completed applications processed without delay
  • Quick turnaround on admissions letter from schools
  • Access to academic and exclusive scholarships for top academic achievers
  • Access to visa application assistance and other post-admission services

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