How To Do NIN Validation

How To Do NIN Validation| This page contain the steps on how to do NIN Validation in case you have an issue in your NIN, sometimes your NIN may show no record found and you wander what is happening, this page would give you authentic guide to solve your problem. Read Through.

The Validation/Verification is a platform developed to enable verification of identities of persons enrolled in the National Identity Database. it is used for retrieving captured information from the National Identity Database to matching information associated with NIN of the particular person.

Those of you out there, that do not know how to link SIM to NIN to avoid disconnection also use the  following steps below to link your SIM with your NIN now before is too late.

Follow The steps below:

1. Download the NIMC Mobile App

2. Insert your NIN on the App

3. The mobile number tied to you would be shown on the screen

4. Click on the next button and OTP would be sent to your mobile number

5. Once you receive the OTP NIN VALIDATION is complete

6. You can now go ahead to complete the set up.

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