How to Apply Innovation for Ecosystem Restoration For Africa Young Entrepreneurs 2023

The Innovation for Ecosystem Restoration For Africa Young Entrepreneurs  are now commence registration for 2023 edition, the programme is organised by Village Capital, with the support of Moody’s Foundation, will support 10-12 impact-driven startups building locally viable ecosystem restoration solutions in Africa.  Read through

  • An accelerator for entrepreneurs championing ecosystem restoration throughout sub-Saharan Africa
  • Application Deadline: May 14, 2023


The  Innovation for Ecosystem is an accelerator program that will support entrepreneurs promoting ecosystem restoration by addressing deforestation, land degradation, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, and adverse climate change, which have emerged as some of the most pressing challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa.

The programme program will address some of the most pressing and complex challenges facing ecosystem restoration entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. Their goal is to deliver an accelerator for entrepreneurs championing ecosystem restoration throughout sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Training and Continued Learning: Access to live and asynchronous sessions tailored to a virtual learning environment to help their companies identify early milestones and prepare for their next round of capital (if relevant) or big expansion.
  • Networking: Startups will connect with a diverse and inclusive network of mentors, founders, and investors.
  • Mentorship: Ability to meet with and receive mentorship from prominent investors, potential strategic partners and customers, and other founders.
  • Advice: Startups will participate in a virtual investor forum and mock board meetings with representatives from financial institutions, corporates, experienced entrepreneurs, and investors that can help their company scale.
  • Financial Analysis: Access to an investment analyst who will coach you one on one on building a financial model, identifying unit economics, and using financial metrics to drive both the business and investor diligence.
  • Exposure: Get featured on Village Capital’s program website and other collateral.

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  • Reforestation : They are  looking for solutions that engage in reforestation activities such as planting trees and other vegetation in degraded areas to restore their ecological state and provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Regenerative agriculture, Soil conservation, biodiversity conservation: They are recruiting solutions that help restore soil health and promote biodiversity such as terracing, crop rotation, cover cropping to restore soil fertility and reduce soil erosion.
  • Wetland restoration and water conservation: They are  on the look out for solutions that restore wetland ecosystems such as providing water filtration, restoring water flows, planting native vegetation and carbon sequestration services to improve the quality of water and biodiversity
  • Sustainable land use practices and sustainable agriculture: They are  looking for solutions that engage in sustainable land use practices including rotational grazing, conservation agriculture, integrated pest management, and agroforestry.
  • Climate tech: They are looking for companies that use technology to develop solutions to address climate change and promote sustainability. Climate tech solutions include solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and promote renewable energy.

Eligibility requirements:

They are looking for (for-profit) startups building locally viable ecosystem restoration solutions

  • Must be a for-profit entity and have legal incorporation and operations in at least one sub-Saharan African country.

  • Have a market-based solution that tackles ecosystem restoration challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Have at least a minimum viable product (MVP), some traction under their belt,  and raised less than $1M in equity.

  • Have meaningful customer or business validation (not limited to revenue, it can also be successful pilot studies, number of users, and/or strategic partnerships).

  • Have at least one full-time founder based in sub-Saharan Africa.

How To Apply

To register for Innovation for Ecosystem Restoration: Africa 2023 Click Here

Application Timeline:

  • April 3, 2023: Applications Open
  • May 14, 2023: Applications Close
  • July 2023: Cohort Announced
  • August – September, 2023: Program Workshops

For more information Visit: Village Capital

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