Npower Batch C Redeployment/ Change of PPA – Full Instruction

How to apply for Redeployment| This article is about how to apply for Redeployment or Change of PPA for batch C Npower beneficiaries, Do you want to change your PPA? or you want to apply for Redeployment to any place of your choice, Then Carefully read and follow the instruction below.

How To Apply For Npower Redeployment/Change of PPA. www.

We have received numerous questions as:

  • How to apply for Redeployment
  • How to apply for change of PPA
  • How to apply for change of Program
  • How to download PPA Letter

If any of the above question is what you need, then focus attention and read through. Before we proceed, understand following abbreviation: Link to

  • PPA – Place of Primary Assignments
  • Redeployment – It is the moving of an employee from one workplace to another

having understand the above terms, then we can now proceed. Good Luck!

Considering those that were posted to a Place of Primary Assignments PPA that is far from your location and others have relocated from the state they were before applying for the Npower Programm and are now in another state differently from their posting State.

However, we now published this post to help those that fall under this categories of the Npower batch C beneficiaries who want to apply for a change of PPA or apply for redeployment, kindly follow the steps below to apply for redeployment.

How To Apply For Npower Redeployment:

Full Instruction:

  • Print out your deployment letter.
  • Take it to your designated PPA and ask for a rejection.
  • Upload your Rejection letter back on your Nasims portal dashboard
  • If you have a PPA you would like to be posted to, You are to visit that PPA, acquire an acceptance letter, and upload it alongside your rejection letter.
  •  Apply for redeployment.

NOTE: This process will take 24-48 hours for you to be redeployed.

Apply Here:  You must provide your Full name, N-power ID, application email, phone number, State of deployment, LGA of PPA, and your PPA via the Nasims portal dashboard

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