Geography & Regional Planning Course Code

Geography & Regional Planning Course Code

Welcome to Geography & Regional Planning Requirement, how to study Geography & Regional Planning, Jamb subject combination of Geography & Regional Planning, courses involved to study Geography & Regional Planning in any institution. read through the full details of this page.

Geography & Regional Planning Course Code

Do you want to study Geography & Regional Planning? or if you have gotten admission in the Department of Geography & Regional Planning, here are what you need to know.

SSCE requirement:

Five (5) important credit subject include:

1) English

(2) Maths

(3) Literature

(4) Government

5) CRK

Geography & Regional Planning is one of the course concern about the study or understanding the welfare of people and the communities that they live in by creating sustainable, equitable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing living environments in the present and future.

Duration of study:  4 years

Note that, all fresh graduate from senior secondary school, by any means of processing admission either through JAMB, etc. to study Geography & Regional Planning at any Polytechnic, College of Education and University of your choice, the prerequisite that determines your eligibility for admission is a subject combination of Geography & Regional Planning Course.

JAMB – Subject Combination

Geography & Regional Planning. – English, Government, Economics, Mathematics

The above subjects are the key requirement to be registered during the jamb admission registration form.

Meanwhile, If you are a newly admitted students, the area of concentration is what we are looking at in this article.

The list of courses you need to study as a first-year or fresh students in any tertiary institution include:

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GEO 111
Introduction to Geography,

Man and his Physical Environment 3

GEO 112 Practical Physical Geography 3
GEO 113 Elementary Land Survey 3
GEO 114
Introduction to Environmental

Science 3

GST 111 Use of English I 3
GST 112
Philosophy and Logic 2
GEO 121
Introduction to Geography,

Man and his Cultural Environment 3

GEO 122 Practical Human Geography 3
GEO 123 Local Field Studies 3
GST 121 Nigerian People and Culture 3
GST 122 The History and Philosophy of Science 3
GST 123 Use of English II 3
GEO 211 Introduction to Geomorphology 3
GEO 212 Introduction to Spatial Organization
of Human Activities 3
GEO 213 Introduction to Topographical Map analysis 3
GEO 214 Introduction to Mathematics for Geographers 3
GEO 215 Introduction to the History of Geographic Thought 3
Thought Direct Entry students are to take G.S. Courses stated in
100 level above
GEO 224 Introduction to Climatology and Bio
Geography 3
GEO 225 Introduction to Population Studies 3
GEO 226 Introduction to Cartography 3
GEO 227 Introduction to Statistical Methods in
Geography 3
GEO 228 Introduction to Geographic Thought Theory 3
Compulsory and required courses
GEO 311 Field Studies in Geography 2
GEO 312 Research Methods in Geography 2
GEO 313 Advanced Statistical Methods in Geography 2
GEO 314 Population Analysis 2
GEO 315 Soil Geography 2
GEO 316 Settlement Systems 2
GEO 317 Environmental Cognition and Landscape
Planning 2
GEO 318 Elements of Urban Planning 2
Optional Courses
GEO 319 Rural Geography and Settlement 2
GEO 320 Transportation Geography 2
GEO 321 Elements of Political Geography 2
Compulsory and required courses
GEO 322 Industrial Geography 2
GEO 323 Geography Fieldwork Tech (Practical) 2
GEO 324 Regional Geography of Africa 2
GEO 325 Aerial Photo Interpretation and
Production Cartography 2
GEO 326 Advanced Quantitative Techniques 2
GEO 327 Biogeography 2
Optional Courses
GEO 328 Applied Climatology 2
GEO 329 Introduction to Hydrology and
Fluvial Geomorphology 2
GEO 330 Land Use Evaluation and Planning 2
GEO 332 Geographical Information System 2
GEO 333 Agricultural Geography 2

Candidates are hereby informed that the registration of course form always lasts for two (2) weeks after the resumption. The hard copy print out should be submitted to the Faculty officer for verification and authorisation.

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