Fine & Industrial Arts Course Code

Fine & Industrial Arts Course Code

Welcome to Fine & Industrial Arts Course Requirement, how to study Fine & Industrial Arts, Jamb subject combination of Fine & Industrial Arts, courses involved to study Fine & Industrial Arts in any institution. read through the full details.

Fine & Industrial Arts Course Code

Do you want to study Fine & Industrial Arts? or if you have gotten admission in the Department of Quantity Surveying, here are what you need to know.

SSCE requirement:

Five (5) important credit subject include:

(1) English

(2) Maths

(3) Agriculture (Biology)

(4) Chemistry

(5) Physic

Fine & Industrial Arts is one of the professional course concern about the study or understanding the skills of technical design needed to work with tools and machinery such as furniture, automobiles and toys.

Duration of study:  4 years

Note that, all fresh graduate from senior secondary school, by any means of processing admission either through JAMB, etc. to study Fine & Industrial Arts at any Polytechnic, College of Education and University of your choice, the prerequisite that determines your eligibility for admission is a subject combination of Fine & Industrial Arts.

JAMB – Subject Combination

Fine & Industrial Arts – Chemistry, Mathematics and Fine Art/Physics

The above subjects are the key requirement to be registered during the jamb admission registration form.

Meanwhile, If you are a newly admitted students, the area of concentration is what we are looking at in this article.

The list of courses you need to study as a first-year or fresh students in any tertiary institution include:

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Year: 1
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Uni-wide communication skills CSK1101 2
Introduction to Visual Arts IFA1101 2
The design I: Black and White IFA1102 3
Introduction to Drawing IFA1103 3
Business Administration IFA1104 2
Pre-Historic to Byzantine (elective) IFA1105 3
Introduction to Painting (elective) IFA1106 3
Introduction to Jewelry-making (elective) IFA1107 3
Introduction to Decorative Textile & Fabric Design (elective) IFA1109 3
History of Art (Special) I (elective) IFA1111 3
Drawing (Special) I (elective) IFA1112 3
Introduction to Ceramics (elective) IFA1114 3
Introduction to Photography (elective) IFA1115 3
Introduction to Fashion Design (elective) IFA1117 3
Introduction to Communication Design (elective) IFA1118 3
Fundamentals of sculpture (elective) IFA1119 3
Drawing II IFA2202 3

Year: 1
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Methods IFA1201 3
Drawing I IFA1202 3
Principles and History of Art I IFA1203 3
Finance and Banking IFA1204 3
Water Colour Painting I IFA1205 3
Introduction to Photography I (Alternative) IFA1207 3
Introduction to Weaving IFA1210 3
Printing I & Illustration I IFA1211 3
Ceramics I IFA1212 3
Drawing (Special) I IFA1215 3
Jewelry Making I IFA1218 3
Sculpture Fabrication I IFA1219 3
Sculpture Carving and Modelling I IFA1220 3
Textile Decoration and technology I IFA1221 3
Lettering IFA1222 3
Fashion Design I IFA1223 3

Year: 2
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Proposal Writing IFA2102 2
Marketing I IFA2104 2
Western Art: Medieval Through Rococo IFA2105 3
Oil Painting I IFA2106 3
Jewelry Making II (elective) IFA2107 3
Relief Printing and Illustration II (elective) IFA2108 3
Textiles II (elective) IFA2109 3
Water Colour Painting II (elective) IFA2111 3
History of Art (Special)II (elective) IFA2112 3
Drawing (Special) II (elective) IFA2113 3
Ceramics II (elective) IFA2115 3
Photography II (elective) IFA2116 3
Hand weaving and Fibre (elective) IFA2117 3
Sculpture Fabrication II (elective) IFA2119 3
Sculpture Carving and Modelling II (elective) IFA2120 3
Fashion Design II (elective) IFA2121 3
Layout (elective) IFA2122 3

Year: 2
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Report I IFA2201 3
Principles and Art History II IFA2203 3
Marketing II IFA2204 3
Oil Painting II IFA2205 3
History (Special) Appreciation (elective) IFA2206 3
Landscape Photography (elective) IFA2207 3
Water Colour Painting III (elective) IFA2210 3
Printmaking and Illustration III (elective) IFA2211 3
Industrial Ceramics (elective) IFA2212 3
Anatomy II (elective) IFA2214 3
Applied Design II (elective) IFA2215 3
Advertising Design I (elective) IFA2216 3
Jewellery Making III (elective) IFA2217 3
Weaving (elective) IFA2218 3
Sculpture Fabrication III (elective) IFA2219 3
Sculpture Carving and Modeling III (elective) IFA2220 3
Textile Decoration and Technology II (elective) IFA2221 3
Design Computing IFA2222 3

Year: 2
Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial training IFA2301 4

Year: 3
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Report II (submission) IFA3101 3
Drawing III IFA3102 3
Western Art: Neo- Classicism to present & E. Africa IFA3103 3
Oil Painting III (elective) IFA3104 4
Typographic Design (elective) IFA3105 4
Jewellery Making IV (elective) IFA3106 4
Printmaking-Etching (elective) IFA3107 4
Advanced Water Colour Painting I (elective) IFA3110 4
History of Art (Special) III (elective) IFA3111 4
Drawing (Special) III Anatomy (elective) IFA3112 4
Ceramics III (elective) IFA3114 4
Advanced Photography Colour (elective) IFA3115 4
Advanced Weaving Techniques (elective) IFA3116 4
Fashion Design III (elective) IFA3117 4
Advanced Illustration (elective) IFA3118 4
Sculpture Fabrication IV (elective) IFA3119 4
Sculpture Carving and Modelling IV (elective) IFA3120 4
Advanced Textile Decoration (elective) IFA3121 4

Year: 3
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Advanced Drawing IFA3201 3
Principles and History of Art III IFA3202 2
Exhibition IFA3203 2
Major Work Project IFA3204 4
Oil Painting IV (elective) IFA3205 4
Illustration IV (elective) IFA3206 4
Advanced Water-Colour Painting II (elective) IFA3209 4
Advanced Ceramics (elective) IFA3212 4
Advertising Design II (elective) IFA3213 4
Advanced Anatomy (elective) IFA3214 4
Design Communication (elective) IFA3215 4
Advanced Jewellery-making (elective) IFA3216 4
Advanced Photography (elective) IFA3217 4
Advanced Fashion Design (elective) IFA3219 4
Sculpture Fabrication III (elective) IFA3220 4
Advanced Textile Decoration (elective) IFA3221 4
Advanced Carving & Modelling (elective) IFA3222 4
African Art and Modernization (elective) IFA3223 4
Advanced Weaving (elective) IFA3224 4

Candidates are hereby informed that the registration of course form always lasts for two (2) weeks after the resumption. The hard copy print out should be submitted to the Faculty officer for verification and authorisation.

If you need our update or current information concerning Fine & Industrial Arts Course Requirement, kindly provide us with your phone number and Email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide

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