Efik-Ibibio Course Code

Efik-Ibibio Course Code

Welcome to Efik-Ibibio Requirement, how to study Efik-Ibibio, Jamb subject combination of Efik-Ibibio, courses involved to study Efik-Ibibio in any institution. read through the full details of this page.

Efik-Ibibio Course Code

Do you want to study Efik-Ibibio? or if you have gotten admission in the Department of Efik-Ibibio, here are what you need to know.

SSCE requirement:




Five (5) important credit subject include:

(1) English

(2) Maths

(3) Literature

(4) Government

5) CRK

Efik-Ibibio is one of the course concern about the study or understanding the language of Akwa Ibom State and Cross River States as part of spoken language in Nigeria.

Duration of study:  4 years

Note that, all fresh graduate from senior secondary school, by any means of processing admission either through JAMB, etc. to study Efik-Ibibio at any Polytechnic, College of Education and University of your choice, the prerequisite that determines your eligibility for admission is a subject combination of Efik-Ibibio Course.

JAMB – Subject Combination

Efik-Ibibio. – English, Government, CRK, Literature

The above subjects are the key requirement to be registered during the jamb admission registration form.

Meanwhile, If you are a newly admitted students, the area of concentration is what we are looking at in this article.

The list of courses you need to study as a first-year or fresh students in any tertiary institution include:

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Please check back for the list of course code for each semester

100 Level

First Semester

Second Semester

200 Level

First Semester

Second Semester

300 Level

First Semester

Second Semester

400 Level

First Semester

Second Semester

Candidates are hereby informed that the registration of course form always lasts for two (2) weeks after the resumption. The hard copy print out should be submitted to the Faculty officer for verification and authorisation.

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