List of Courses offered at Deep Springs College

List of Courses offered at Deep Springs College


Deep Springs College


Deep Springs College is one of the private institutions with standard educational facilities, it established in 1917 by Deep Springs, Collegiate and Preparatory with functional department and programmes offered. It located at the largest but significant city of Deep Springs, California in United State.

Deep Springs college offer free tuition and two-year scholarship programs to all students, who participate in the manual labour of the institution yearly.

List of Courses Offered at Deep Springs College

  • Philosophy
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Photography
  • Literature
  • Biology
  • Literature, Political Philosophy, & English Composition
  • Art
  • American Studies
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Linguistics
  • Urban Planning
  • Environmental Law

How to Apply

The first round of the application for the 2019-2020 year is due on November 6, 2019. In the initial round, we ask for several essays, a description of your non-academic interests and activities, standardized test scores, demographic information, and official academic transcripts from any secondary schools, colleges, and universities you have attended (the Deep Springs CEEB/SAT/AP/TOEFL code is 4281; the ACT code is 0252).

Before you apply, please read the President’s Letter to Potential Applicants

Please don’t be discouraged if you’re not sure at first what to say. We have tried to ask questions about things you haven’t already studied and to craft questions that cannot be answered without taking some time to think about them first. We hope that our applicants will enjoy this opportunity.

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