Bayer Foundation Women Empowerment Up to 50,000 EUR/ Apply Now

Bayer Foundation Women Empowerment | Bayer Foundation embark on empowering women across Sub-Saharan Africa. the programm Empowering female entrepreneurs to accelerate their social business. How to apply, Requirement and procedure. Read Through.

Bayer Foundation conducted Women Empowerment Award in yearly basis to impact mostly on female with entrepreneurial skill, innovation and social impact to excel.

The yearly Bayer Foundation Women Empowerment Award goes along way, As it is offers a partnership which goes far beyond a one-off cash prize. The award includes 25,000 EUR in cash plus an in-kind contribution that equals 25,000 EUR in the form of a 24-week growth accelerator. During this period, the winners will receive tailored support and training for scaling, including active investor feedback. In addition, they will be able to will tap into an extensive network of Bayer experts, who will offer coaching both in health and nutrition as well as sustainable agriculture related focus areas.


Female entrepreneurs play a key role in the fight against poverty and in advancing the development of the regions in which they operate. However, the female social entrepreneurship journey is marked by major challenges: Lack of funding, discrimination and missing networking opportunities are only a few obstacles. They want to support the brightest minds who jointly pave the way for a fairer tomorrow with their health, nutrition and agricultural solutions.

However, supporting female entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas, Bayer Foundation specifically recognizes and celebrates their role as game changers driving sustainability and social impact through entrepreneurial innovation.

What are the benefit:

  • €25,000 cash prize
  • Tailored coaching to reach your business goals
  • Access to Bayer Foundation & Bayer’s expert network
  • Visibility through branded communication activities
  • Final award ceremony
  • Alumni Network

Eligibility To Apply

Female entrepreneurs: Regardless of their initiatives and ideas, female founders face great challenges that hinder their success. The Bayer Foundation Women Empowerment Award aims to enable their ability to create social impact through groundbreaking innovation. We are looking for women-led enterprises that help drive social change and improve their communities.

Social Impact Focus: They want to empower female founders active in health, nutrition, and agriculture. Women who want to jointly advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2 (Zero Hunger) and 3 (Good Health & Wellbeing). Women who want to decrease inequalities create perspectives and lift each other.

Global South: Although female founders face struggles all across the globe, this challenge focuses on entrepreneurs from the Global South –Latin America, Africa & the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. This opportunity is a prime incentive to take centre stage and accelerate their innovations towards a healthier future.

How to apply

Key documents to be uploaded:

  • A pitch deck including an executive summary describing your vision, your team structure, governance, business model and potential for scaling.
  • A report of the main challenges you are trying to solve in the next 12 months.
  • An overview of your organization’s finances in 2020.

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Bayer Foundation.

Application Timeline:

  • Applications open : 13th February
  • Applications deadline : 24th March
  • Finalists announcement : April
  • Finalist program starts : May
  • Final events: JUNE – August
  • Empowerment program starts: September

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