List of Courses at Alfred State College

List of Courses at Alfred State College


Alfred State College Courses

Alfred State College in New York, this college offers free tuition, room, and board
to students with excellent academic achievement, is a public college established in 1908, to deliver knowledge, world-class learning and granting certificates to the students which would improve their career level.

The College Campus is located at Alfred, New York in United State.

The college is divided into the following schools:

  • The School of Arts & Sciences
  • The School of Applied Technology (located at the Wellsville campus)
  • The School of Architecture, Management and Engineering Technology

List of Courses Offered at Alfred State College

Download All courses on pdf files below:

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Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must possess a recognized high school diploma or its equivalent (please note that distance learning degrees/diplomas do not satisfy this requirement for New York State residents). Verification must be supplied to the Admissions Office. Home-schooled applicants should refer to the Home-Schooled Students page. Applicants with a CDOS credential or IEP certificate/diploma will not be accepted. These students are advised to take the GED or TASC exam. A score of 2700 or better on the TASC exam or a 2500 or better on the GED exam is needed for consideration.

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