African Union (AU) COVID-19 Vaccination Bingwa Empowerment 2023

African Union (AU) COVID-19 Vaccination Bingwa Empowerment 2023 | The portal for African Union (AU) COVID-19 Vaccination Bingwa Empowerment 2023 are now open, If you are a young Africans from the Eastern Africa region who are motivated and willing to contribute to the acceleration of the COVID 19 vaccination uptake in their countries, apply African Union (AU) COVID-19 Vaccination Bingwa Initiative.

COVID-19 vaccines provide life-saving protection against severe COVID-19 infection, which has caused significant morbidity and mortality. This also implies that the rate and scale of vaccination uptake must be increased in order to avoid vaccine waste, bring the pandemic under control, and accelerate the continent’s economic recovery.

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This initiative is further motivated by H.E. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for innovative ways to scale up vaccinations across the continent. In April 2022, the chairperson of the African Union Commission officially launched an African Union public-private-youth initiative co-led by Africa CDC under the name “African Union COVID-19 Vaccination Bingwa Initiative” as part of the Africa CDC’s Programme of Saving Lives and LivelihoodsBingwa is the Swahili word for “Champion. The initiative seeks to establish a network of COVID-19 vaccination youth champions across the continent to accelerate the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination in Africa.

The BINGWA Initiative is a one-year initiative that will equip vaccinated youth champion across the African continent with technical skills to reach, mobilize and engage their communities and peers to get fully vaccinated against COVID 19. Selected BINGWAS will be supported by experienced experts in key public health, SBCC and community engagement fields from African union / Africa CDC and Partner organizations to enhance their skills in the following areas among others:

  1. Understanding Africa CDC and the New Public Health Order for Africa
  2. Understanding COVID 19 and COVID 19 Vaccination
  3. Risk Communication, Community Engagement and influencing for COVID 19 vaccination
  4. Social media Engagement and Mobilization for impact
  5. Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) and,
  6. Planning, monitoring, evaluation and Reporting

The selected BINGWAs (champions) will be expected to perform the following duties for a period of up to 12 months:

  • Develop a community engagement plan to mobilize their respective communities including friends and families to get vaccinated fully against COVID-19
  • Support capacity building efforts to onboard social actors within the community to help mobilize for the COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Organize innovative youth-focused events to mobilize young people and the broader community to take up the COVID-19 vaccines e.g. Campaigns, community mobilization, peer-to-peer advocacy, etc.
  • Serve as AU/Africa CDC focal points for youth vaccination in their respective countries.
  • Participate in the capacity building training organized by Africa CDC in preparation of their deployment to respective countries/communities.
  • Document progress recorded in mobilizing their respective communities and also the improvement in vaccination rates in their community.


AU BINGWA (Applicants must meet the following criteria):

  • Citizen and resident of an Eastern Africa Region AU Member State (Union of the Comoros, Republic of Djibouti, State of Eritrea, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Madagascar, Republic of Mauritius, Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Seychelles, Federal Republic of Somalia, Republic of the Sudan, Republic of South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania and Republic of Uganda).
  • Aged between 18 – 35 years (must be under the age of 35 when completing the 12 Months service)
  • Possess a post-secondary education (Bachelors and/or Master’s will be an added value)
  • Available in 2022/23 to dedicate 12 (twelve) months as a BINGWA
  • Committed to live and work in their country for the entire duration of deployment
  • Proficient in the local language and at least one of the AU working languages (Arabic, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese and Spanish)
  • Have at least 1-year verifiable community and/or youth engagement experience and 1 year professional work experience. (Experience in Public Health domain will be an added advantage)
  • Must be fully vaccinated (Proof of vaccination is required)
  • Proven ability to use a computer system and familiar with MS Office applications and social media tools/platforms
  • All applications should confirm their availability to travel for the week of training.

Selection criteria for BINGWA Initiative:

  1. An independent committee comprising of experts from Africa CDC and African Union Commission will conduct selection to the initiative.
  2. Application documents must provide clear and detailed information about the applicant including their age, gender, nationality, language, education, values and experience relating to the following criteria: – experience and professional attainment in youth engagement activities in their respective countries, experience in community mobilization, and experience in youth leadership will be a benefit.
  3. Submission of a written motivation statement briefly detailing why you want to become a BINGWA and what you see as the challenges/gaps hampering vaccination in Africa and specifically in your country. Further, detail your ideas for increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake in your community.
  4. A video interview may be scheduled for shortlisted applicants.

How to apply

Applicants are expected to fill out the application form onlinewith their personal information, educational and professional background attaching a:

  • Statement briefly detailing why they want to become BINGWA and What are the challenges/gaps hampering vaccination in Africa and in their country specifically
  • Proof of Education achievements (degrees)
  • Proof of COVID 19 Vaccination status and
  • A two (2) pages curriculum Vitae MAXIMUM

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Application Deadline: October 31st, 2022

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