Retrieval of SIM Card Policy/Requirement

Retrieval of SIM Card Policy/Requirement

Retrieval of SIM Card Policy | This article is all about How to recover your lost sim card, What is Sim Swap? A requirement for sim recovery, what you need to do first when your sim card is lost, Sim card recovery s important, Focus attention and read through.


Retrieval of SIM Card Policy

If you have lost your SIM Card, Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9mobile, below are the steps to recover them all

4 Major Network Operator in Nigeria

  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • MTN
  • 9mobile

We have received numerous complaint that retrieval of SIM card today is more of a pain in the neck and frustrating, but however, getting a replacement from your mobile network operator should be a fairly easy process.

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SIM SWAP: If your sim damage as a result of falling on the ground or by any means causes your sim not to function again, then, You need to do SIM SWAP. SIM SWAP allow you to transfer the phone numbers from the damaged device (Sim) to a New device (Sim) for calls and text messages. as a result of restoring data, like contacts and cellular data.


  • You need a valid means of identification. This means your National ID card, Drivers License, International Passport, Voter’s Card, Trade Union ID, School ID.
  • Proof of ownership of the lost SIM. In this case, you need your SIM Certificate, which is usually the SIM cardholder (it has some important details printed on it). In the absence of that, you will need a Police Report and Sworn Affidavit.

Meanwhile, If this was all that Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9mobile asked for, all would be well. But on the SIM replacement form, you are given to complete, you will find slots that request for outlandish information like:

  • The date of the last recharge you did on the line
  • The amount you recharged on that date
  • 5 numbers you call regularly with the line
  • 3 websites you visit regularly (for Internet SIM).


All of us know that once you purchase a new SIM Card what next is to do proper bio matric registration. NCC and the networks provider will block all calls and text messages of any Sim card that is not undergoing proper registration.

SIM PACK; Your SIM pack contains your SIM Certificate, which has vital information on it. If you lost your SIM card and are unable to present your SIM certificate, you will have a more tedious time getting a replacement SIM. Therefore don’t throw your Sim Pack away.


Although, the cost are not yet fixed but I can assure you before getting to retrieving a lost SIM Card atleast One thousand naira (1,000) can be charged.

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