Npower Applicants Having Challenge of Downloading Deployment Letter/ How To Solve

Challenge of Downloading Deployment Letter| This article is contain how to solve the problem of Downloading Deployment Letter, do you have any challenge of deployment or acceptance letter download? If you are one of the Npower batch c stream 1 having such issue, this page is for you carefully read through.

Npower batch c stream 1 deployment letter download and upload commence few weeks ago and many applicant have that challenge on how to download, after reading this article go back to your dashboard it will be easy to download.

What you Need to Know:

If you have challenges of Downloading Deployment Letter follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Nasim portal
  2. Log in to your dashboard
  3. Go to Deployment
  4. Click on PPA Letter:
    1. Put your BVN, Account Number and Bank

If it shows the date of birth does not batch the BVN details

Then Log out and log in again :

  1. Go to Overview
  2. By your Left corner click EDIT
  3. Remember your date of birth you use during account opening (the first time)
  4. Use that one (put in the date of birth slot)
  5. Scroll down to your details (Put your correct account Number and the name in your BVN)
  6. Click submit

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