List of Successful Candidates For NDA 75 Regular Intake Exam 2023 is out

Successful Candidates For NDA 75 Regular Intake Exam 2023 is out | How to check NDA Exam List, When is NDA exam date, Shortlisted names for NDA exam, Qualify candidates for NDA exam, below are the names of candidates that will partake in NDA Examination 75 regular courses 2023.

The examination has been scheduled to take place in all the approve centres nationwide.

Meanwhile, candidates who are yet to complete signing of guarantors form, a declaration by parent/guardian form as well as acknowledgement slip printing, still have the chance to do that before the examination date.

All intending & current applicants for NDA 75th Regular Combatant Course should please note that the portal was close on the 15 March 2023 and the portal would be re-opened for Exam Centre selection from 22 March 2023 to 29 March 2023.


NOTE: successful candidates will do the following

  • Log in and select examination centre on or before 29 March 2023.
  • Print out all the required forms

Below are the List of successful candidates for NDA 75 regular course exam

Visit back the updated list of successful candidates will out soon!

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